Boiler tubes

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Steel boiler pipes

Boiler pipes are smooth pipes made of steel, seamless and in various thicknesses, used in trade for general purposes EN 10216-1:2005 (EX UNI 7287/86) or for the creation of simple pipelines, such as those of the boiler, through which the steam resulting from the boiling heating water flows.

Pipes for thermal uses

Boiler pipes are therefore suitable pipes for supporting the passage of gas at high temperatures, and for this reason they are generally made through cold drawing, which gives the pipe a mechanical compactness of considerable efficiency.

Of course, there are endless variations of boiler pipes, since they can be made with different thicknesses and diameters, as well as with steel equipped with various characteristics depending on the intended use.


Smooth steel pipes, seamless, commercial currents for general uses en 10216-1 p235 tr1/2 (ex uni 7287/86)


– The pipes of this unification are supplied, unless specifically requested otherwise when ordering, in commercial lengths from 4 to 8 m.


  • external diameter: ± 1% ± 0,5mm
    the higher of the two values
  • of the thickness:
  • for Øe ≤ 219.1 mm ± 12,5%
  • 0 ± 0.4 mm, the higher of the two values
  • for Øe> 219.1 mm
  • ± 20% when the Sp/Øe ratio is ≤ 0.025
  • ± 15% when the Sp/Øe ratio is> 0.025


70 bar hydraulic test or equivalent test with Non-Destructive Electromagnetic Controls (Eddy Current)


Unless otherwise requested to order, it is issued a control certificate 2.2 according to EN 10204


Usually the pipes are supplied raw, without any surface protection


Smooth, cut perpendicular to the axis of the tube

The field of use of the pipes of the present unification it is limited to pipelines and buildings without particular requirements.

Download the technical data sheet of the boiler tubes

Technical sheet