Commercial company that distributes from ready

Steel pipes

PESSINA TUBI is a commercial enterprise which sells quality steel pipes of all types, in a wide range of sizes (from 4 to 914 mm) and thicknesses (from 1 to 80 mm), to thousands of users all over Italy. The company’s service centres at Sesto San Giovanni (in operation since 1979) and Trezzo Sull’Adda (MI), stock thousands of tonnes of pipes, all marked and with certificates. The pipes are all oiled and have their extremities plugged in order to protect them from corrosion, and they are kept under cover on stalls and beds. In common with other leading European steelworks, DALMINE punches the number of the melt on each bar itself.

We distribute all kinds of steel pipes of all types ready for use throughout Italy.

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Pessina Tubi started trading in 1932

Pessina Tubi started trading in 1932 as a wire-drawing factory for extra-fine precision products. The company’s traditional major asset is the cold drawn pipe, which has very strict tolerance, and is fully guaranteed, both for the diameters (internal and external) and for the thicknesses of the new EN 10305-1 (ex UNI 7945) PESSINA TUBI is pleased to supply its customers with data regarding all the technical uses of its products.