Seamless structural steel tubes

Commercial company that distributes from ready

The tubes for mechanical processing

The tubes for mechanical machining are obtained in hot execution except for those indicated with an asterisk whose dimensions they are obtained after subsequent cold processing.



• On outside diameter, ±1% with a minimum or ± 1 mm.
• On thickness, ±15% ( ± 20%) of tubes with outside diameter to 76,1 mm.
± 12,5% (±18%) of tubes with outside diameter more than 76,1 mm.

• For dimensions through cold working the following tolerances are allowed:
– on outside diameter ± 0,25 mm
– thickness ±10%



these tubes are generally supplied with manufacture lenght with a minimum of 2,5 meters.


Download the technical sheet of thick pipes

Technical sheet

Download the technical data sheet with the new European standards

Technical sheet